Lay and ordained leaders serve on the Board of Trustees of the Family Life International Bible Institute Trustees commit to pray regularly for the Family Life International Bible Institute and its mission, to promote, encourage and support the Family Life International Bible Institute, to financially support to the Family Life International Bible Institute each year and employ their personal spheres of influence to secure gifts each year, and to work to bring the Family Life International Bible Institute story to friends and associates who can support the Family Life International Bible Institute and advance its mission.


Archbishop Dr. Sterling Lands II

Presiding Prelate, Family Life International Fellowship

Archbishop Dr. Robert Wilson

Presiding Prelate, Master’s Circle Christian Fellowship

Bishop Alfred T Lands

Vice Presiding Bishop, Family Life International Fellowship

Dr. Mary L Thomas

Vice President, FLIBI

Bishop Dr. NeShaun Jones

Executive Vice President/Provost, FLIBI

Evangelist Sylvia Addison

Vice President, FLIBI

Overseer Dr. Jo A Alsandor

President, Pearl Etta Bible School, USA

Dr. Sunday "Sunny" Uzuh

Principle, Rosy Home Health Care, USA

Bishop Richard S Lands

Director of Greater Calvary Eagle Academy, USA

Bishop Raymond Wonders Johnson

Conference Presiding Bishop, Sierra Leone West Africa

Bishop Dr. Joseph A Ibemgbo

Conference Presiding Bishop, Nigeria West Africa

Bishop Dr. Janjay Swen

Conference Presiding Bishop, Liberia, West Africa

Bishop-Elect Emmanuel Abraham

Conference Presiding Bishop-elect, Ghana, West Africa

Bishop Kristoffer S Lands

Executive Director, Greater Calvary Schools, USA

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